Eye protection, How can athletes protect their eyes?

Sport is not just a hobby or a form of exercise; it’s someone’s passion. When you are into sport make sure you protect yourself especially your eyes. According to the National Eye Institute, athletes are encouraged to prioritize their eye health. How should athletes take good care of their eyes? Let’s find out.

Invest in Protective Eyewear

Sure, it’s not going to look good and it will probably look weird with your sportswear but it’s a must to wear protective eyewear. According to surveys, 90% of sports related injuries involve the eyes and these accidents could have been avoided had those athletes worn protective eyewear. Examples of protective eyewear include safety shields, goggles, safety glasses as well as eye guards that are made of polycarbonate. The eyewear should perfectly fit your face. Since it comes in various sizes it is important to try them on first to ensure that you get a perfect fit. You can also discuss with your eye care provider about your options. Specific sports require specific eyewear.

Use Sunglasses

Are you aware that the more time you spend under the sun the higher your chances of contacting eye disease like age-related macular degeneration and cataract? Contrary to popular belief, these eye conditions do not just affect a certain age group. If you are not careful and if you don’t care for your eyes, these eye diseases can happen to you. When you’re outside, don’t forget to wear sunglasses. When shopping for sunglasses, choose a pair that is designed to block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays. You can also wear a hat with a wide brim while you’re at it for maximum protection.

Go For A Dilated Eye Examination

One way of knowing if your eyes are healthy or not is by submitting yourself to a comprehensive dilated eye exam. The results of this exam will let you know the current condition of your eyes. It is best if you schedule an appointment with an eye care specialist so you’ll know what to do to care for your eyes and how often you should have your eyes examined.

Choose A Healthy Lifestyle

Another effective way to keep your eyes in pristine condition is by eating healthy foods as well as maintaining your ideal weight. It’s also important to stop smoking. All these will improve not just your overall health but it will also keep your eyes healthy as well as lower your risk of developing eye diseases.

Be Familiar With Your Family History

There is a reason why eye care specialists ask you about your family’s health history. It’s not because they wanted to pry but it’s mainly because your family history says a lot about your current health status. When you’re talking with your eye doctor be very honest. If you have no idea, you can call or ask your parents directly if they have ever been diagnosed with an eye disease in the past. Some eye diseases are actually hereditary. So, if your parents had it there’s a good chance you may get it as well.


When choosing protective eyewear ask your eye care specialist what type of eyewear is suitable for your specific sport. For example, baseballs players should wear plastic face guard as well as eye guards or goggles. For basketball players, goggles are enough. For soccer players, they’ll need eye guards. For football players, they’ll need full-face guards together with eye guards. These are just some of the most common sports in America. If you’re not sure what protective eyewear you need, talk to your eye doctor. If you haven’t had an eye exam, include that as well.

Dr. Susan M Sloan is an Optometrist in Sarasota FL, who has been committed to providing professional, personal eye care to adult and children for over 30 years.

Author: Dr. Susan Sloan

Dr. Susan M Sloan is an Optometrist in Sarasota FL, who has been committed to providing professional, personal eye care to adult and children for over 30 years.