Microblading, Can you Microblade over a tattoo eyebrow?

The beauty industry is teeming with all sorts of procedures that aim to improve how you look. Microneedling is a treatment designed to regenerate your skin’s production of collagen to give you a firmer and more youthful look. Lip tattoo and dermal fillers aim to give your thin and dull lips more volume and color resulting to a sultry pout. Every flaw and imperfection you have in your body can be cosmetically enhanced to achieve the look you are rooting for.

Although cosmetic procedures are intended to make you look beautiful, the downside to permanent enhancements is that you’ll have to live with it even when your predilection changes. One example of this is eyebrow tattooing. A few years ago, the craze of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo took the world by storm. All of a sudden everyone wanted to give it a try. Men and women of all ages who have always felt that their eyebrows were wrongly shaped mustered up the courage to get their brows tattooed. Unfortunately, eyebrow shapes tend to change with time just like fashion. As odd as it seems but eyebrow trend is actually a thing. What looks beautiful 10 years ago will look ridiculous today. Just like when the scant eyebrows became popular and everyone started shaving, waxing and plucking their eyebrows until they were so thin and barely noticeable. Imagine having those eyebrows today. So you see, there is a downside to permanent makeup.

If you were one of the millions who had your eyebrows tattooed and you want them changed, you’re probably wondering if there is still hope for that. The newest eyebrow trend at present is microblading. In a microblading procedure, the artist will make small cuts on your eyebrows, implant a pigment and draw hair-like strokes that resemble natural hair to fill in and shape your eyebrows. People wanted to know if microblading could be done to salvage tattooed eyebrows. The answer is —- it depends. Let’s find out more.

First of all, your microblading artist will assess your eyebrows. To save you from traveling to and from the medical spa, you can reach out to them through social media sites and send them a photo of your eyebrows making sure that you’re not wearing any makeup, you’re not using any filter and you’re only using natural light. This will give them a clear image of your eyebrows.

After assessing the condition of your tattooed eyebrows your microblading artist will be able to decide if your eyebrows can be microbladed. If the ink of the tattoo is not etched too deep and if the ink is not too dark then there may still be hope for microblading. When your tattoo is way too dark, even if your microblading artist will skillfully draw thin hair strokes on your eyebrows it will not appear. Just think of it as scribbling on a piece of paper and then drawing hair-like strokes on top of it using the same pen. This is what microblading over tattooed eyebrows will look like. Before you consider microblading make sure that your tattoo is light so that your microblading artist can still superimpose it.

Microblading over tattooed eyebrows is different because it will sue a combination of techniques to effectively conceal the tattoo. This combination of methods is necessary because not only will your artist fill in bare spaces, he or she will also make sure to cover up the previous work of the tattoo artist.

If your microblading artist can’t save your tattooed eyebrows upon assessment your other option is to have your tattoo removed first before microblading them.